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  1. how can i install My magento extension ?

  2. I'm new in magento and preparing for interview in magento because i like magento development.

    Can you please let me know what should i prepare for interview. Please Provide detail guide bec me having good exp in PHP development.

  3. you can read basic Magento Book from Book section of our blog.if you want in pdf format we will send you on your email address as well.all the best

  4. Can you please provide what is the best way to complete below requirement.
    1. Centralized login for Wordpress and Magento.
    2. Centralized Search for Wordpress and Magento.

    Is this possible in without touching code modle of wordpress and magento. i'm reading your blog from mornign. Nice articles and help me lot.
    Any link guide appropriated. thanks in advance.

  5. yes!your both requirement may be possible without touching can search Magento Extension on magento official website.

  6. How can i add a custom carrier by overriding the core files of magento????