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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One reason for slow speed of Magento

Hi Friends,
Today we are going to know a reason for slow speed of Magetno.
When we develop a module in Magento, one thing strikes our mind that
Magento is very slow. But I am going to discuss one reason for slow
speed of Magento.
Do you have noticed a point that fresh Magento is not so much slow is
it become after installing our custom module although fresh Magento
has already enough core modules. Actually we follow a wrong strategy
while making our custom module.
While developing a module we generally fetch data from database and
apply our logic on this data and when we get our desired result then
we display it.
But the right strategy is that don't apply logic while we have to
display any information on front end, otherwise every time when we
refresh a page it will apply logic and then display data and the whole
site will go slow.
Then what would be the right solution for getting our desired information.
Core modules of Magento always save information in database which it
may use in any other modules and fetch this information while want to
display it. This is the reason why Magento has heavy database. But
this strategy becomes Magento faster.
So please save all the information you might be use in other module's
Block. All the logic will apply once while saving data but not all
time when we refresh our site or page. So in each refresh Magento will
not take so much time.
There is one more important suggestion for getting speed up of Magento
is that configure your server on Linux system. Magento is much faster
on Linux server as comparison to Windows.
Now I hope you will not apply wrong strategy while developing your
custom module.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Adding New Payment Module In Magento

There are certain cases where you find the need to add new Payment Method (Payment Gateway) in a Magento store. Especially if the Magento store owner wishes to use a specific payment gateway not available in default Magento installation. Adding a new Magento Payment Module is not difficult but requires a little bit of programming at your end. In this article i am going to elaborate on how to add a new payment module (Payment Gateway) to your existing Magento Installation which will accept credit cards, authorize credit card when the order is placed and saves order ID in payment record.